Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vesta Home Clearing and Blessings works from the age old tradition of protecting the home and place of business by practicing traditional methods from around the world, as well as those  unique to our own experience. Homes and businesses require constant cleaning and reorganization in order to maximize peace, and prosperity. No matter how much we wipe our feet before entering our home we always seem to track things in, this requires a good cleaning, and so it is with energies and spiritual influences. Places also carry memories, that need to be shifted and worked with, influences from previous events and inhabitants can be, removed, and rearranged like old furnishings. New energies can be invited in like house guests, clients, and customers can be attracted to bless our home or business. Like wise homes and business can be protected energetically or spiritually just as one would defend ones castle. Unwanted visitors and squatters can be evicted, removed, and prevented from re-entry. All that is unwanted in the home, that threatens the homes sanctity, peace and your own personal sense of security can be cleared, inviting in only that which is intentionally desired. Around the world house/business clearing and protection has been practiced by all traditions, religions and cultures, we are very eclectic and sensitive to our clients beliefs and work from a wide breadth of cross cultural practices.
Vesta Home Clearing and Blessings is available through out western Washington and pulls from years of dedicated experience in the field.           
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