Protection and hauntings

Many if not all cultures believe in some sort of haunting phenomena, the restless and wandering dead, human and inhumane UNWANTED visitors or... guests. Through out the history of human experience there are reports of spirits causing discordance and problems in places, spaces and homes, also through out human history there have been example after example of ways to protect ones home and hid oneself of problems from unseen but experienced beings and forces. Marcus is a natural medium and sensitive and has worked in the past with parapsychologists investigating hauntings. He uses his inborn abilities along side a wide spectrum of traditions from around the world to protect your home, yourself and your family. Marcus respects your individual beliefs and has a cross-cultural and religious perspective on finding solutions to your problems. Marcus is also a seasoned counselor in community mental health and can assist in recommendations if just in case... you really are seeing things...

Protections can always be requested after a cleansing ad are encouraged! But protections can be done at anytime some examples being:

  • After the birth of a new child
  • Due to hostilities and ill intentions from others, business competitors, exlovers etc...
  • When one has moved into a new home or place of business
  • After strange events followed by feelings of uneasiness, strange nightmares and unusual behaviors from those that share our space. 
  • Or when one is feeling just well... under attack.