Marcus is able to serve the Olympia area where he currently lives as well as the Seattle-Tacoma area. He is available to travel out of state for cleansing's if travel expenses are covered by the client. 

  • Space Clearings & Spirit Clearings $250 for homes up to 3000 square feet over 3000 sqft $400+
  • Business & land Clearing $400+
  • House & land Blessings or Protections $125 a hour
  • Personal cleansing of harmful influences $75 hour, typically only taking an hour. 
  • Heart break and cord cutting relationship resolution 75$ hourly
  • Real estate agent & home owner: property cleansings, increase the chances of a good sale! $100 hour
  • Divorce special $200
  • Spiritual readings, tarot, divination, cartomancy, ask about prices. I am available for email readings at 20$ an email. I also have group rates for events. Skype or conference call is available at 1$ a minute live. Email to schedual a time
  • Education and consulting services. Based on an hourly rate I offer advising services 75$ an hour. Done either through Skype, in person, over the phone, or via text.  
  • Distance cleansing, protection and exorcism, email for more information and I include the particular issue you are dealing with. 
  • Acquiring a house spirit, house elf, tomte, etc... 100$