Distance work with Saint Cyprian

I have had many requests for distance cleansings, protection and exorcisms. I will now start offering my services in this area. I personally work with Saint Cyprian for these concerns. Ones name, photo and petition for protection, cleansing or the banishing of malevolent spirits will be placed upon the Mesa and an amparo made it will be blessed and sent to you with every working. Further work will be done at a distance by me with the aid of the saint.
Payment is final with no refunds, and is takennolace previous to the work through pay pal. An additional Cyprian protection talisman can also be purchased and sent to you for an additional 50$. Talismans and amparos, along with the workings are preformed for seven days from Cyprian's holy day on Saturday, to the next Saturday. Results if not felt immediately will be felt within this seven day period. If there is required work there after this will be negotiated.
The cost of distant work is as such...
75$ for cleansing and protection amparos included.
80$ for the removal of malefic spirits from ones home and person.
50$ for the additional added talisman of protection, hand made and blessed for seven days upon Cyprian's Mesa.

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