Tomtes, house spirits and house elves

Through out the world, ancient and modern the concept of the house spirit is prevalent. Where there are homes there are house spirits, spirits that act as the health and heart of the home, the very soul of the home. The house spirit protects the home, maintains it, protects the family and children, brings prosperity and abundance to the home and warns us of troubles and dangers to come.
The tradition of house spirits in the western world, especially modern America has been relatively lost and because of it our homes have lost their soul. Drive through any modern home subdivision/suburb and tell me it isn't so. This isn't to mean that house spirits don't exist because we do not believe in them or have lost the practice of acknowledging them.
Indeed in some circumstances the house elf if ignored or offended has become to some the hobgoblin, the house goblin, the poltergiest, causing discord in the home. Just like our own bodies, if left unattended and disrespected there is dis-ease. The house spirit therefore becomes an important way for us to maintain health in our home through a mindful ritual of respect to the house spirit as well.

As a local service I can invite one for you, or assist you in doing so if you are out area, or remove a preexisting one that has been disrespected by previous people, or appease it.

What is a house spirit, house elf, house gnome, etc... they have as many names, as there are cultures and traditions that work with them, it's nearly impossible to list them all. Each culture having their own names and views on them, but all serving the same role and purposes. The house spirit is seen as a sort of Chimera, of the first inhabitants or settlers of a place, ancestors buried in the ground, and the ground itself. The spirit of the land merged with human spirit. The spirit of home, merged with land, and human spirit. Our homes themselves are made from the bones and bodies of countless living beings which is a chimera it's self, one we live within and call a "home", calling on and forming a relationship with a house spirit is literally giving your home life, and being, soul.
Honoring my Scandinavian heritage my practice of inviting a house spirit is based in those traditions still practiced today, and honors the Scandinavian heritage of many who Seattle in the Cascadian bioregion. 

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