Home and Business Clearing

 The blessing and cleansing of homes is nearly universal within human cultures. Humans create spaces, and those spaces require cleansing and daily upkeep on the physical level and it can be said proper organization and cleansing of the home also reflects on our mental and emotional levels as well. Most people can remember a moment where the spring cleaning of their home, the removal of an unwanted pest or the rearranging of furniture helped bring peace and harmony within them and their home, and so it is with spirit.
The energy of your space, and what resides there can influence how one feels and works in that space.
Many cultures have rituals amulets and practices that prevent them from tracking in the psychic dirt or bringing home unwanted guests. Many cultures also have many ways of cleansing the home once it has been psychically soiled. Many believe that places have memories and events can become stuck in the home, many also believe that the life force of the world flows like energy, like water or currents of air, blockages can occur, flow can be impeded. Deaths, traumatic events can change or alter the feel and function of your space and are cleansed with ritual actions, plants, perfumes, incense, the elements, words, prayers and incantations, in as many ways as there are peoples in this world. Each working with their own diverse ways but with so many similarities. Shrines and religious symbols are used to invite and invoke good feelings, energies, and the divine. Cultures from Africa too Asia built shrines for their ancestors believing the dead are with them and require their own space, with offerings to appease them so that they do not take up residence and begin meddling in the affairs of the living. Spirits that do begin meddling in the affairs of the living or taking up residence are met by practices and traditions that remove them from the place of the living or appease them.

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