Spiritualist training with Marcus McCoy

I will be offering myself as teacher for those that would like to learn ways of working with spirits in the manner that I do. Cleansings, learning from spirits, exorcism etc. This is a formal teacher student relationship, and not everyone that applies will be selected. Students can be worked with distantly, Skype, email etc.
Students will be able to communicate with me via email three times a month with questions and reports of their experiences.
To apply send an email giving your magical/spiritual background, you must already have started on the path and must have a small bit of talent. In at the most send a concise 800 word description of yourself and your work, and what you hope to gain from learning with me.

Lessons will be monthly and go over 2 hours for 80$ in person, or can be in two phone, or Skype sessions online, for one hour once every two weeks.
Additional time can be scheduled for those requesting more time, at the rate of 40$ and hour.

Please send your applications here *

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