Marcus McCoy has worked as a shamanic healer for over 15 years, has worked as a sensitive for parapsychologists in investigations of haunting's, and worked in community mental health as a counselor for over 10 years. He holds a degree in Transpersonal Anthropology from Evergreen State College, with an academic focus on shamanic ethnobotany, and world spiritualism practices. Marcus has studied with a Bolivian shaman for six years and works syncretically from the practice of curaderismo, integrating many spiritual practices in a cross cultural practice that works well for a wide range of clientele. Marcus works within the herbal products industry from mycology to the distilling of essential oils and integrates a wide breath of spiritually and magically focused herbalism into his practice as his primary focus in his practice of curaderismo is Vegetalismo and Perfumerismo. Marcus works with his partner assisting in Talismanic incense and perfume formulation at Rosarium Blends, and offers these in his practice.